Chupacabra Against the 300!

The infamous goat sucker strikes back, this time in Puebla located in Mexico.  It seems over the past couple months over 300 goats have been found decapitated.  Reports say hardly any blood is found at the vicious scenes leaving shepherds suspicious that the chupacabra may be the culprit.

My guess is 1 of the 2

  1. Psychopathic Shepherds that are killing their own and other shepherds live stock.
  2.  Some type of animal perhaps a coyote, wolf or maybe a hybrid of some sort.

2010 Mothman Festival: An Interview With Jeff Wamsley

The Mothman Festival, which takes place annually in Point Pleasant, WV is just around the corner.  Celebrating the local paranormal legend it draws its name from, The Mothman Festival will kick off it’s 9th installment Saturday September 18 and run through the 19th.  I had the chance to catch up with Jeff Wamsley, the driving force behind this event, to get his thoughts on this year’s festival, as well as the sightings that sparked it all.

“I was born and raised here in Point Pleasant.  I was 5 years old when the sightings started,” Jeff says.  “We lived a few doors away from (original witness) Linda Scarberry, so as I grew older and saw books like John Keel’s “The Mothman Prophecies,” I realized that this stuff all happened real close by.”

What happened was the Mothman, and it is among the most talked about stories among paranormal enthusiasts.  For those that don’t know much about it, Jeff recounts the details:  “Point Pleasant first saw this thing on November 15th 1966 up in the TNT area.  Two young couples saw it.  7 feet tall, giant wings and glowing red eyes.  From there on out over 100 reported sightings were filed; tons of UFOs too.”

But the intrigue didn’t stop there.  In the wake of these sightings, more strange things started happening.  According to Mr. Wamsley, “many Mothman and UFO witnesses were approached by strange looking men dressed in black who warned and threatened them about speaking to the press, newspapers and media.  Many witnesses were intimidated into keeping quiet, and some are still silent to this day.”  Unfortunately, Jeff himself has had no luck getting them to open up either.  “Believe me, I have tried to get them to sit down with me and talk about what they saw.  Not going to happen.”

Jeff is aware as anyone that the story of Mothman can sound a little far fetched, and understands why some might be skeptical of it.  But, as he puts it, skeptics are just a part of the story.  “It would be hard to believe this stuff unless you had encountered it or spoke to people who did and I have.  These people are not professional liars by any means.  Too many people saw it and described it the same way.”

Aside from growing up in the area, Mr. Wamsley operates the world’s one and only Mothman Museum.  It is here that folks come to check out props from the film John Keel’s book inspired, as well as grab a souvenir or two, be they books, pins, t-shirts and more.  Simply put, the story of Mothman, as well as his hometown, are important to him.

“Not every small town like Point Pleasant has its own monster,” Jeff jokes.  “The festival was started almost 10 years ago to get some folks to visit Main Street.  Now there is nowhere to park during the festival.  I really feel I owe my hometown something.  It was a great place to grow up.  It just happened to also be the home to UFOs, Men in Black, and giant things that flew around.”

If you are interested in heading to Point Pleasant for the Mothman Festival this year, Jeff says you can expect plenty.  “Lots of people, food, guest speakers, vendors, live bands, hayrides, bus tours.  We try to bring something new each year.  It’s just a big family reunion for all who come each year.  Its always good to see old friends who like to hunt for Mothman.”

Myself, as well as my friends and fellow co-hosts on Strange Frequencies Radio, Bobby Nelson and Robyn McKinney, will be back again this year and look forward to enjoying the festivities.  Maybe we’ll see you there!

For more information about the Mothman Festival, including speakers as well as restaurants and accommodations you might want to check out in the area, please visit

Chupacabra Makes Itself Known in Oklahoma

The infamous chupacabra has weaseled its way back into the news again. Usually spotted in Puerto Rico and Texas, the chupacabra is now being sighted in Tecumseh, Oklahoma.

A group of teenagers spotted this creature in the woods behind Tecumseh High School. Ryan Craighead. one of the witnesses, described the creature:
“It’s got long back legs and its front legs are small. It has a long tail and doesn’t have any fur.” The teens also have a cell phone picture to support their claim.

Oklahoma City Zoo Education Director Teresa Randall had a few things to say about this reported sighting. “I think it would be realistic to have a coyote-dog-mix with pretty good case of mange…It is a mythological legend that’s taken on a life of its own.”
But common sense and logic seems to fail those who spotted this canid-type creature.

“I don’t know. I’m thinking it’s the chupacabra, but people say it’s not real. I don’t know,” said Craighead.

I would just like people to remember a dog with mange and or hairless looks very weird, weird to the point where it can be unidentifiable, causing people to think they are seeing something that isn’t known. As far as my personal research goes, all reports of these dog-like “chupacabras” that have been killed in Texas, have been tested and came back as some type of coyote/dog/wolf hybrid, just like Teresa Randall said in the article. This is no different.

In fact if you read original reports of the chupacabra, the ones that originated from Puerto Rico, this mythological creature has a totally different appearance. It has large red eyes, it stands on two feet, it has a reptilian look to it, a row of spikes that run down its back, it can jump and/or fly, it has a forked tongue like that of a snake and leaves behind a sulfuric stench. It looks nothing like these dog hybrids.


New Worm Like Creature or Hoax?

Today I was on a website called Cryptomundo, which is a site is dedicated to everything cryptozoologically related.  I saw something that quickly caught my eye, a post titled Russian What-is-it?   As soon as I opened the post I saw a couple photos of this possible “unknown” species.

The story goes that someone was walking through a meadow near a pond in Russia, when they encountered this creepy little armored worm looking creature. The claim is that it was about 5 centimeters long and had no noticeable eyes or head. The person thought it might be a severed lizard tail, but then witnessed it moving in a jerky fashion. So this individual touched it and it stopped moving. When the person removed their hand its continued moving in the same direction. Also the bottom of this “unknown” creature is darker and smoother then the top side.

Now, after reading this encounter story I noticed a few red flags to make me think this is a hoax. First of all this individual claims to have seen this weird possible unidentified worm like creature, this person didn’t think of , oh I don’t know, taking it with them? You know, keep it for to see if it’s identifiable or if not you have the body of a new specimen? This individual also claims to have seen this thing moving around and thought it may be a severed lizard tail. Now, you may think I am going make a criticism about the severed tail moving, but what I’m really thinking is why the hell would anyone want to touch a severed lizard tail? Now the individual claims its smoother on the bottom then the top, but makes no claim of picking it up, only touching the top. The account also states that this worm like creature went on moving in the same direction. If you look at the picture carefully the creature is turned around in the second picture, meaning it wasn’t moving in the same direction. To me this is a huge red flag and it means it was probably put there and hoaxed an individual. Also, there is no slithering like tracks in the loose soil.

I painstakingly read through the comments to the original post and saw the many claims that this creature may be the legendary Death Worm.

Figures, if you put “unknown” in the beginning of a picture, many people are going to assume it’s legit and start making ridiculous postulations.  A couple people said it could possibly be firefly larva. 

Now at least firefly larvae are real, but I was highly shocked that the majority of people commenting didn’t announce the obvious: THIS IS A HOAX.

Article and photographs can be seen here: