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Chupacabra Against the 300!

The infamous goat sucker strikes back, this time in Puebla located in Mexico.  It seems over the past couple months over 300 goats have been found decapitated.  Reports say hardly any blood is found at the vicious scenes leaving shepherds suspicious that the chupacabra may be the culprit.

My guess is 1 of the 2

  1. Psychopathic Shepherds that are killing their own and other shepherds live stock.
  2.  Some type of animal perhaps a coyote, wolf or maybe a hybrid of some sort.

Chupacabra and the Hendersons

Over in Jack County, Texas, Staysha Henderson was greeted by a lovely creature that was inside her camper.  The creature was very skinny, hairless and had grey skin.  Unfortunately for Henderson she is now undergoing a series of rabies shots after being attacked by this creature as she went to offer it a bowl of water.  Henderson’s family shot and killed the mysterious creature, they believe to be the infamous chupacabra or in some circles it is being called the Texas blue dog.

Supposedly tests are being done to find out exactly what this creature is.

I will keep you all updated when the results are in.



Chupacabra Makes Itself Known in Oklahoma

The infamous chupacabra has weaseled its way back into the news again. Usually spotted in Puerto Rico and Texas, the chupacabra is now being sighted in Tecumseh, Oklahoma.

A group of teenagers spotted this creature in the woods behind Tecumseh High School. Ryan Craighead. one of the witnesses, described the creature:
“It’s got long back legs and its front legs are small. It has a long tail and doesn’t have any fur.” The teens also have a cell phone picture to support their claim.

Oklahoma City Zoo Education Director Teresa Randall had a few things to say about this reported sighting. “I think it would be realistic to have a coyote-dog-mix with pretty good case of mange…It is a mythological legend that’s taken on a life of its own.”
But common sense and logic seems to fail those who spotted this canid-type creature.

“I don’t know. I’m thinking it’s the chupacabra, but people say it’s not real. I don’t know,” said Craighead.

I would just like people to remember a dog with mange and or hairless looks very weird, weird to the point where it can be unidentifiable, causing people to think they are seeing something that isn’t known. As far as my personal research goes, all reports of these dog-like “chupacabras” that have been killed in Texas, have been tested and came back as some type of coyote/dog/wolf hybrid, just like Teresa Randall said in the article. This is no different.

In fact if you read original reports of the chupacabra, the ones that originated from Puerto Rico, this mythological creature has a totally different appearance. It has large red eyes, it stands on two feet, it has a reptilian look to it, a row of spikes that run down its back, it can jump and/or fly, it has a forked tongue like that of a snake and leaves behind a sulfuric stench. It looks nothing like these dog hybrids.


Another Nessie Like Sea Serpent?

30 yards off the British coast, people have claimed to see what some are calling a sea serpent. This long necked creature seems to have marine experts “baffled.” Supposedly this creature was stalking a school of fish that were so terrified that they ended up beaching themselves.

Many locals thought this creature to be a turtle, but Gill Pearce who snapped the photo says different. She claimed its skin was greenish brown and had the head of a reptile, much too large to be a turtle. Pearce reported her sighting to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) where the photo was analyzed by sea life experts, which quickly dismissed the claim of a large sea turtle due to the fact they only eat jelly fish.

A MCS official said the following “It was reported as a turtle as it had large front flippers and small back flippers and what appeared to be a shell but was also said to have a small head on a thin neck about two-feet long which craned above the surface like a plesiosaur.”

The MCS also states “This is not a fake. The problem is the distance and clarity from which the photos were taken.” As of now the MCS says this creature is “unidentified.” And they are asking locals to keep an eye out and possibly take more photos.

After seeing the photo the first thought that popped into my head was “another shitty photo of an “unknown” animal.” I have always found it interesting that people who photograph Bigfoot or sea serpents never ever have clarity on their side. My guess is simple, driftwood.


Monsters in Texas

It seems we have some exciting news occurring over in Hood County, a small northern Texas community. It seems in the last four days people have been spotting the ever elusive (cue the suspenseful music) Chupacabra! The article reports that two of these “mysterious” creatures have been killed near farm lands within a period of three days. Since local animal control officials have no idea what the animals are, they have been dubbed “unknown” and we all know what happens next. “Unknown” always means “para”normal, so why not label the unknown animals Chupacabra?
And guess what? That is just what they did.
Texan David Hewitt is one of the land owners that shot and killed one of these supposed Chupacabras (no the ‘s‘ is NOT a typo).  “I had no idea what it could be,” Hewett was quoted as saying. “It looked like one of them hairless Chihuahuas, only much bigger.”
Remember what I said earlier about an unknown becoming paranormal? “From all indications, it seemed to be a Chupacabra. The claws, toenails, are nothing like I’ve seen on a coyote. Skinny, pointed tail; sure looks like a possum to me,” Hewitt said. “Never seen any kind of animal that doesn’t have hair on it.”
Well, Mr. Hewett, didn’t you just say it looks like hairless Chihuahua? OR was that a possum? Here’s a fun fact for you Land Owner Hewitt; dogs with mange tend to lose their hair. Mange is a class of persistent contagious skin disease caused by parasitic mites. It typically causes the animal to lose its hair. Surprisingly, there are many reasons for animals to lose hair. If interested in seeing why dogs may lose hair, check out this link for starters:
This ’report’ reminds me of a very popular urban legend. There are many variations, but the basic tale has a family bringing home a hairless Chihuahua for their son after visiting Mexico. They take the creat to the vet, only to discover it’s a giant sewer rat with rabies. Now seriously, let’s use a bit of critical thinking here. First off, unknown doesn’t mean paranormal, hell unknown doesn’t even mean unknowable. Just because local animal control officials cannot identify the animal that doesn’t make this creature unidentifiable. Or we can make this even simpler by using Occam’s razor. What makes more sense: that this creature is a known creature unidentifiable because of a possible skin parasite or some other disorder; or some mythological monster that no biological evidence exists for?
I am going with this is a known animal; it is just a matter of figuring it out.

New Worm Like Creature or Hoax?

Today I was on a website called Cryptomundo, which is a site is dedicated to everything cryptozoologically related.  I saw something that quickly caught my eye, a post titled Russian What-is-it?   As soon as I opened the post I saw a couple photos of this possible “unknown” species.

The story goes that someone was walking through a meadow near a pond in Russia, when they encountered this creepy little armored worm looking creature. The claim is that it was about 5 centimeters long and had no noticeable eyes or head. The person thought it might be a severed lizard tail, but then witnessed it moving in a jerky fashion. So this individual touched it and it stopped moving. When the person removed their hand its continued moving in the same direction. Also the bottom of this “unknown” creature is darker and smoother then the top side.

Now, after reading this encounter story I noticed a few red flags to make me think this is a hoax. First of all this individual claims to have seen this weird possible unidentified worm like creature, this person didn’t think of , oh I don’t know, taking it with them? You know, keep it for to see if it’s identifiable or if not you have the body of a new specimen? This individual also claims to have seen this thing moving around and thought it may be a severed lizard tail. Now, you may think I am going make a criticism about the severed tail moving, but what I’m really thinking is why the hell would anyone want to touch a severed lizard tail? Now the individual claims its smoother on the bottom then the top, but makes no claim of picking it up, only touching the top. The account also states that this worm like creature went on moving in the same direction. If you look at the picture carefully the creature is turned around in the second picture, meaning it wasn’t moving in the same direction. To me this is a huge red flag and it means it was probably put there and hoaxed an individual. Also, there is no slithering like tracks in the loose soil.

I painstakingly read through the comments to the original post and saw the many claims that this creature may be the legendary Death Worm.

Figures, if you put “unknown” in the beginning of a picture, many people are going to assume it’s legit and start making ridiculous postulations.  A couple people said it could possibly be firefly larva. 

Now at least firefly larvae are real, but I was highly shocked that the majority of people commenting didn’t announce the obvious: THIS IS A HOAX.

Article and photographs can be seen here: