Real Monsters: A Book Review

My name is Jason Korbus.  I am 30 years old, have been interested in the paranormal as long as I can remember, and even host an internet radio show in my spare time.  But I’ve never been afraid of monsters until I read Brad Steiger’s new book.

Aptly titled, “Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts From the Darkside,” starts with a very simple premise.  Based on a 2001 study conducted by researchers at Cal State, we have a pretty good idea of the movies and monsters that have scared people over time.  But if regular people are scared of The Exorcist, Dracula, and Godzilla, what are paranormal researchers scared of?  The answer runs the gamut from Bigfoot and Mothman to Werewolves and the Dover Demon, with a seemingly endless variety of horrifying creatures in between.  And it is that scare factor which makes Steiger’s newest book both a thrill-a-minute page turner, and among the most terrifying things I have ever read.

If you dare, read true witness accounts of Big Cats, a phenomena of a Fortean variety which finds the large felines stalking prey in Iowa, and other locations across the globe where they simply do not belong.  Black Dogs as well, who some say foretell disaster, make an eerie appearance.  Perhaps nothing may be more paralyzing than staring into the glowing eyes of one of these beasts, particularly when one has found their way into your very own backyard.

Steiger also moves into the lore of the Bogeyman, though, not one to write about childish fantasies, horrifies you by uncovering the origin of the term.  Then, before you know it, sweeps you into a whirlwind of first-person ghastly encounters with these bizarre entities that leave you breathless and nearly afraid to blink your eyes for fear of what you may miss.  Is that noise outside your bedroom door just the house settling as you’ve always believed?  Or is something much more sinister stalking you from beyond our realm?

What makes Steiger such a treasured author and this book a personal bookshelf necessity is its sheer volume of resources.  The astounding amount of information included about all the creatures, particularly zombies, vampires, and even UFO abductors, could easily cause someone to buy multiple books on each topic just to find it all.  But “Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts From the Darkside,” provides it for you in a veritable “one stop shop” of all things morbid and grotesque that lurk in the dark corners of our mind, and in the shadows just around the corner.

Yes, my name is Jason Korbus.  I am 30 years old, have been interested in the paranormal as long as I can remember, and even host an internet radio show in my spare time.  And though Brad Steiger may have made me scared of monsters, you and I both know they aren’t real, right?  ….Right?


Bad Universe: Great Show

Bad Universe: Absolutely terrifyingly entertaining.  This is not your typical science show about the universe; it’s more like Mythbusters meets astronomy.  With awesome experiments and highly enjoyable information that will both scare the crap out of you and keep you glued to the television.  There are not many shows of this caliber on television right now; this will capture the attention of children and adults, another perfect show for kids to watch with their parents.  You can completely feel the passion host Dr. Phil Plait has for astronomy and that is what makes this show Philnomenal!  Thank you Phil, you made it cool to want to be an astronaut again.

And I just want to add one more thing, if Discovery gave Ghost Lab a full series, they better give Bad Universe a shot at a full series, if not I will be insulted.

Mary Knows Best (is the worst)

‘Mary Knows Best’ is a new show on Syfy that follows the life psychic medium Mary Occhino. This show is absolute garbage, its like John and Kate plus 8 meets psychic woo. More or less the show is a Mary sticking her nose in her children’s business, embarrassing them in every scene, showing clips of her walking up to random people and giving them cold readings, showing her behind the mic of her radio show which is on siruis and that is about the gist of the show. Gist? More like all 44-painstaking minutes of it.
It is shot and edited in a way where all the misses she makes during her psychic readings are left out. She says the line “I’m a psychic!” about 47 times, as if we were going to forget. Her method is typical cold reading, where she is fishing for answers and verification from innocent individuals that are quick to believe her. The word ‘skeptic’ is thrown around a few times and each time I hear it being used I laugh. For instance, her radio producer says “I was skeptic at first but not anymore, Mary is the real deal.” Mary also claims her son is a ‘skeptic’ but knows she is the real thing and always right. I got news for you Mary…that’s not a real skeptic. A skeptic would find a way to scientifically tests the abilities of the supposed psychic, not hear her lame cold readings and be convinced she is the “real” thing.
One of the producers said she believes because a week before she is sick Mary will tell her she is getting ready to come down with something. Those are called symptoms, sweetie. I mean this show isn’t even good for the comedic entertainment, like the kind you get when watching Ghost Adventures. So if you like loud-mouth women pretending to pass of a cool mentalist trick as authentic psychic phenomena around her annoying family and innocent people on the street, maybe you could stomach this show, I have a feeling any self respecting individual won’t tune in to the next episode.
I am no psychic, but I predict this show doesn’t even make a whole season, we will see if I am right.