2010 Mothman Festival: An Interview With Jeff Wamsley

The Mothman Festival, which takes place annually in Point Pleasant, WV is just around the corner.  Celebrating the local paranormal legend it draws its name from, The Mothman Festival will kick off it’s 9th installment Saturday September 18 and run through the 19th.  I had the chance to catch up with Jeff Wamsley, the driving force behind this event, to get his thoughts on this year’s festival, as well as the sightings that sparked it all.

“I was born and raised here in Point Pleasant.  I was 5 years old when the sightings started,” Jeff says.  “We lived a few doors away from (original witness) Linda Scarberry, so as I grew older and saw books like John Keel’s “The Mothman Prophecies,” I realized that this stuff all happened real close by.”

What happened was the Mothman, and it is among the most talked about stories among paranormal enthusiasts.  For those that don’t know much about it, Jeff recounts the details:  “Point Pleasant first saw this thing on November 15th 1966 up in the TNT area.  Two young couples saw it.  7 feet tall, giant wings and glowing red eyes.  From there on out over 100 reported sightings were filed; tons of UFOs too.”

But the intrigue didn’t stop there.  In the wake of these sightings, more strange things started happening.  According to Mr. Wamsley, “many Mothman and UFO witnesses were approached by strange looking men dressed in black who warned and threatened them about speaking to the press, newspapers and media.  Many witnesses were intimidated into keeping quiet, and some are still silent to this day.”  Unfortunately, Jeff himself has had no luck getting them to open up either.  “Believe me, I have tried to get them to sit down with me and talk about what they saw.  Not going to happen.”

Jeff is aware as anyone that the story of Mothman can sound a little far fetched, and understands why some might be skeptical of it.  But, as he puts it, skeptics are just a part of the story.  “It would be hard to believe this stuff unless you had encountered it or spoke to people who did and I have.  These people are not professional liars by any means.  Too many people saw it and described it the same way.”

Aside from growing up in the area, Mr. Wamsley operates the world’s one and only Mothman Museum.  It is here that folks come to check out props from the film John Keel’s book inspired, as well as grab a souvenir or two, be they books, pins, t-shirts and more.  Simply put, the story of Mothman, as well as his hometown, are important to him.

“Not every small town like Point Pleasant has its own monster,” Jeff jokes.  “The festival was started almost 10 years ago to get some folks to visit Main Street.  Now there is nowhere to park during the festival.  I really feel I owe my hometown something.  It was a great place to grow up.  It just happened to also be the home to UFOs, Men in Black, and giant things that flew around.”

If you are interested in heading to Point Pleasant for the Mothman Festival this year, Jeff says you can expect plenty.  “Lots of people, food, guest speakers, vendors, live bands, hayrides, bus tours.  We try to bring something new each year.  It’s just a big family reunion for all who come each year.  Its always good to see old friends who like to hunt for Mothman.”

Myself, as well as my friends and fellow co-hosts on Strange Frequencies Radio, Bobby Nelson and Robyn McKinney, will be back again this year and look forward to enjoying the festivities.  Maybe we’ll see you there!

For more information about the Mothman Festival, including speakers as well as restaurants and accommodations you might want to check out in the area, please visit www.mothmanfestival.com

UFO Spotted on Google Earth?

So as I was doing a quick search for some woo news, I stumbled across this photo. 

This was part of a collection by Google called ‘the most mysterious sightings ever.’  The most mysterious sightings ever, are you serious?  This picture isn’t that puzzling at all, when I first glanced at it, I was looking for the UFO.  I had no idea they were talking about the top of a man made structure, most likely a water tower.

It seems people just label anything that is spherical or circular a UFO.  No sightings of this gargantuan craft were ever reported, not even by the person driving the red truck in the photograph.  My favorite thing about this photo is the lonely road which travels right up to “UFO.” 

I laugh because I wouldn’t have even written this article if I didn’t see so many comments that “this is proof alien space craft’s have visited earth.”  “This is proof of a UFO, because Google earth doesn’t photoshop images,” well I guess I partially agree with that last statement, Google earth didn’t photoshop the picture but it’s not proof of a UFO, it’s proof of manmade structures.   Sadly it is also proof that some people are so blinded by a belief that they will subscribe to any possible piece of “evidence” as hard fact.

Brazil’s Government Orders UFO Sightings be Documented

Brazil’s government has recently ordered that it’s air force is to record any UFO sightings. The order also extends to civilian pilots and air traffic controllers, all of which will have to register with the National Aerospace Defense Command. All of the records, which will be maintained at the Brazil national archives in Rio de Janeiro, will be available to those researching UFO phenomena. These records will contain testimonials and even picture and video data if it is available.

The Brazilian Air Force has gone on record as stating they would limit themselves in the reporting process. They want to make it known that they are not UFO chasers. “Air Force Command does not have a specialized structure to carry out scientific experiments on these phenomena and will limit itself to recording any events,” the Air Force said in a released statement.

I must admit, I feel like this is a semi-waste of time. There are so many questions running through my head right now. Are they making the assumption that since people are pilots and air traffic controllers that their reports are in some way more reliable than a pedestrian? Who is going to be in charge of “validating” these claims? How are they going to prevent hoaxers? If they are not going out to chase the UFO sighting how will we determine whether or not it’s an “authentic” UFO and not a sky lantern caught in an air current? This seriously seems like a huge waste of time in my opinion. I stand on the side of those who say if the aliens are coming to Earth, they will make themselves known. And no, I don’t consider UFO sightings proof they are making themselves known.


Orange Light Linked To UFO Sighting

In the Newbrough area, it seems mysterious lights are causing quite a UFO craze.

One caller, who refused to give his name, claimed that he was driving around 11:30pm when he noticed a very bright orange light in sky. According to his report this light was traveling quite slowly when it stopped, turned around and darted off at a very high speed to the north. The man who reported the claim said “I’m normally very skeptical about these things, but you have to accept the evidence of your own eyes.”

This statement is completely wrong. Although it is highly difficult for humans to admit when they are wrong or that their perceptions have been duped, senses like sight and sound mixed with recollection can easily be distorted over time or during times of excitement.

Another report that was called in said a pretty similar claim as the first individual.

“It was a bright orange saucer shape like a frisbee,” said the man. He also claimed that it switched directions and shot away, again, at a very high speed.

Now this article states that these sightings may be related to the popularity of sky lanterns. I actually would agree with this, because I use sky lanterns frequently. Though one of the individuals said it moved to fast to be one of these lanterns. I have observed that these lanterns can fly amazing distances and they can get caught in air currents which move them at quick speeds, when they were flying slowly seconds before.



Winston Churchill Kept UFO Sighting Secret

It reads like a pitch for the newest TV drama: Prime Minister of the UK, Winston Churchill, ordered a UFO sighting to be covered up during World War ll. The reason he ordered the cover up was to prevent “mass panic”. Churchill is reported to have made the following statement: “This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic among the general population and destroy one’s belief in the Church.”

Ah, if only I was talking about a new show, but this real life. Supposedly the report that was kept secret involved a reconnaissance plane that was shadowed, and then confronted by a silver saucer-shaped aircraft that hovered noiselessly. Churchill was so concerned about the sighting; he ordered it to be kept secret for at least 50 years.



UFO’s Return To China

Last week Rachel reported that a UFO was spotted in China. Well, the story may not be over. It appears that there has been another UFO sighted hovering over China. The sighting is similar to the ones that were witnessed in the past two weeks that lead to delayed flights at the municipal airports. Witnesses are claiming that the lights were ‘lantern-like’ and formed a diamond shape. The lights reportedly hovered in the sky for over an hour before they started to rise higher and finally disappearing.

However, the statements made in a second article are what really caught my eye. “An anonymous source told China Daily that authorities already discovered the identity of the UFO after an investigation but could not publicly disclose the information because ‘there was a military connection.'”

Ok, so I think that last comment sort of clears things up. However it is a cool video.  And although the articles don’t claim this to be an ET space craft, it is making its rounds in the UFO/ET community as a legit piece of extra terrestrial evidence.  So I want people to remember UFO doesn’t mean ET space craft, it only means unidentified flying object, and as I say so often unidentified does not mean unidentifiable.





 UFO’s the Cause of Nuclear Missile Malfunction

On September 27, 2010, UFOlogist Robert Hastings and retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas are going to hold a press conference at the National Press Club. The topic? UFO interference with nuclear missile facilities of course!

Although the government and U.S. military have denied most UFO reports and express no interest in the topic what so ever, many still claim the government is maintaining secret documents on the matter. Robert Hastings, author of UFO and Nukes, claims that over a 100 former U.S. Air Force personnel have come forward releasing information that negates the official stance of the U.S. Military.

So what does Captain Salas have to do with this? Salas claims that on March 16, 1967, an incident occurred in which some nuclear missiles became non-operational (fancy term for ‘they done broke‘). This happened at 2 separate facilities and just so happen to correlate with the times guards allegedly saw UFO’s hovering above about 30 feet from their location.

It seems these two are teaming up to put together this press conference. I don’t know what they are planning to do, other than that the article states they will have testimonies from one dozen former air force personnel. Personally, I have never liked the idea that just because an individual is/was part of the U.S. Air Force or any branch of the army, their testimonies are more creditable then that of someone not in the army. The human brain is easily fooled, and that is a fact.