Hey Freq’s is the companion blog to Strange Frequencies Radio. Featuring SFR Hosts Bobby Nelson, Jason Korbus, Robyn McKinney and the SFR ‘Creative Consultant’ Rachel Wolf, this is the place where we go into depth about topics talked about on the show. Or new ones all together. We encourage discussion, comments, questions and more. Don’t be afraid to interact, make your own voice heard. For after all, aren’t we all Freq’s?

Strange Frequencies Radio is an internet radio broadcast, airing each Sunday afternoon from 3-6pm Eastern.  We aim to cover not only paranormal topics, but also anything that may be considered fringe, or otherwise unique and interesting.  This may include, but is certainly not limited to:  ghosts and monsters, UFOs, conspiracy theories, unusual hobbies or professions, flat earth proponents, psychic phenomena, urban legends, therianthropes, Young Earth creationism, and much much more.

Our goal for each and every episode of Strange Frequencies Radio is simple:  to provide 3 hours of informative, opinionated and fun internet talk radio that engages and enlightens both ourselves and our listeners.

Jason Korbus is a friend, family member and, quite possibly, a werewolf too.  Aside from loving The Ramones, cheeseburgers, and a finely worn pair of Chuck Taylors, Jason has celebrated the wonderful world of the weird and bizarre his entire life.  Though he loves science, he thinks that far too many of the skeptics, as well as the true believers in paranormal phenomena, are equally annoying for how seriously they take themselves.  He lives and stuffs his face in Toledo with his cat Lily.

Bobby Nelson is “the looks” on Strange Frequencies Radio.  A true believer turned skeptic (precisely the type of annoying skeptic Korbus can’t stand) Bobby contributes by writing articles for Examiner.com and the Hey Freqs blog, as well as lecturing on skepticism at public events when he gets the chance.  He collects paranormal and otherwise weird artifacts that are affectionately known as “Bobby’s Oddities,” has shelves full of books he doesn’t read, and is sure that if he waits long enough he’ll get diagnosed with cancer eventually.

Robyn McKinney, out of all of us here on Strange Frequencies Radio, is clearly the loveliest and most talented.  Though she has a lifelong interest in the paranormal, Robyn has grown out of her love of investigating and is more interested in simply visiting and exploring public locations with a rich history and intriguing story.  Give her a camera, a couple of friends, and a drivable car, and you are guaranteed to have an exciting adventure in store.  Aside from the bizarre, Robyn has a deep love for music and photography, and absolutely adores her son.

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