Another Jesus Sighting!

Another image of Jesus has been spotted, this time on a telephone pole. 

A man by the name of Rickey Navarre said on television station KPLC: “He might just be telling us something, you know, ‘I’m looking over you, I’m going to answer your prayers.’”   However local officials did not feel the same and deemed that the vines were too close to high voltage wires on the telephone pole, in other words, it is a safety hazard.  Officials ordered the vines be taken care of immediately before religious extremists come looking for a mystical experience.  The biggest fear would be that someone would climb the pole in order to get closer to Jesus.

The Jesus Crop Circles

Jesus Christ has made his presence known by appearing in everyday items across the world: wood grain, toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even lung x-rays. But now it seems that Jesus isn’t content with food or human organs, but rather crop circles. Near Hungerford in Berkshire, two circles both 250ft in diameter seem to portray the face of Jesus Christ. Many are saying it looks to resemble to Shroud of Turin. For those who do not know what the shroud of Turin is, supposedly it is the cloth that wrapped Jesus body after he was crucified. It is said to depict his face on the shroud.

“These circles are causing quite a stir in the crop circle community. The last time a face appeared as a crop circle was in 2002 when an alien face appeared at Sparsholt in Hampshire. Farmers whose land is used to make the circles worry that they will be inundated with visitors seeking a religious experience,” said crop circle expert Karen Alexander.

Personally I don’t think it looks anything like Jesus, although many highly disagree. What do you think? Either way, these were obviously made by humans; though I must admit I haven’t seen any claims that say this is the work of aliens. It is cool none the less.