I Guess They Really Meant No Trespassing!

For those of you that know me, or have heard me on Strange Frequencies you know that I am not a trouble maker (well maybe a little). But this weekend I found myself face to face with trouble, and  it was for something I have preached about time and time again!!!!

When I was young I may have done stupid things while searching for something to do, I admit I have gotten kicked out of cemeteries late at night by the cops, they usually just told us to find something more productive to do. However, when I decided to get “real” about this field I always said I would never EVER trespass, or go any place I was not actually invited, by the owner to attend.

I blame Jeff Belanger.

Ok no, I don’t blame Jeff Belanger, I mean, I could blame him but I haven’t read his book and I am sure he says don’t go somewhere if there are posted signs. I have been really enjoying myself visiting crazy places here in PA, the idea was to enlighten all of you and allow you to see what I have been up to. This time I went to Frick’s Lock PA.

The story behind Frick’s Lock is nothing all that spooky, Its not even all that interesting really, It was a town that thrived at one point, and then good ol’ government came in and built a Nuclear Power Plant right next to the town, deemed it unlivable, and bought all the houses and land and kicked the poor three eyed folk off the property. I am not sure why they never tore the houses down yet but they still sit, perched next to two billowing Nuclear stacks of goodness, all boarded up looking so lonely and begging for pictures to be taken….

Only one problem, this modern day ghost town is under 24 hour video surveillance, is now owned by Exelon and they are NO JOKE about arresting you the second you walk on to the property.

Myself and my very adorable friend Charlene, (who might I add just simply exudes innocence) decided to go past the sign that said DO NOT TRESPASS!

We were in there for a total of 7 min, came out and were greeted by a very kind (but very serious) police officer who did not think my niceties were anything less than annoying. After I begged for forgiveness and admitted to my stupidity, the officer simply said “Yup, it was stupid, and your being arrested.”


I will spare you the annoying details of the long conversation, phone calls and favors I had to call in from family that happens to be law enforcement, or the part where Charlene almost passed out, and I swear to you she said NOT ONE WORD the whole time (except I believe “I hate you Robyn“.

We made it out by the skin of our teeth, and I learned a valuable lesson, a very valuable lesson that I actually say all the time and clearly don’t follow. If you are thinking about visiting a strange and interesting place, please research the number of arrests that happen from trespassing, (300 per year here at Frick’s Lock) and if you see a sign, DON’T DO IT! Trespassing is in fact a misdemeanor, which means you will have a criminal record, and I don’t have to tell you that most jobs require background checks these days and you could be completely screwing yourself over.

Here they are, The pictures of Frick’s Lock, the modern day ghost town… so you don’t have to go in there and screw your life up….


House after the 2nd No Trespassing sign!



Large Estate in Frick's Lock



At the entrance, Before I crossed the line!


In summary: the place was wicked awesome, not worth almost getting arrested. Don’t blame Jeff Belanger for your legend tripping mistakes, I am sure there are plenty of other things you could blame him for. And most importantly don’t go where you are not supposed to go.

Love you, mean it.

About Robyn
My name is Robyn, I am a mother, a photographer, a musician a graphic designer,a skeptical paranormal enthusiast and a Toy Collector. Notice that nowhere in the description of who I am did you see "writer" I am not a writer. I have poor grammar, terrible punctuation and a weak command of the English language. What you will read from me will be very similar to the way I speak, I have terrible ADD, so good luck with these blogs.

11 Responses to I Guess They Really Meant No Trespassing!

  1. Kenneth Biddle says:

    Bad Robyn! Bad! Your Ninja Card has been revoked.

    • Robyn McKinney says:

      It’s hard to be a Ninja when you have a houndstooth car, and you parked it right in front of the no trespassing sign 😦

    • You should have brought a gun, and a leg of uncooked lamb with you. When the cop tries to arrest you, say, “the werewolf killed my entire family” then pause dramatically for 3-5 seconds, and in a loud determined voice go “now its payback time”. The cop will think you are out of your mind, and when he realizes that this won’t be a simple arrest but will require a ton of paperwork to commit you for mental health issues, he just wont bother. Works for me every-time.

      • Robyn McKinney says:

        I don’t know why you are not the first person I call when I get myself into trouble Tony, I mean everything that comes out of your mouth makes such perfect sense to me.


  2. Rachel says:

    i wonder if they did guided tours if trespassing would decrease.

  3. Jason Korbus says:

    Most excellent. And it was soooo much fun listening to you tell the story Sunday on SFR. Hilarious!

  4. Lou says:

    Finally !!!! You are becoming more Mexican each day with this “fighting the law” attitude. I’m so proud of you !!! (tears welling up in my eyes) Jason is an honorary Mexican bandito, Bobby, well, we know the answer. And finally you…….you now qualify for a prize. 🙂

  5. Dearest Robyn,

    I’m glad you weren’t arrested cause you’re too babeolicious for prison. But I wanted you to know that if you had been arrested, I would have baked you a cake with a file in it!

    Awesome article and fricken great photos!

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