This just made me laugh so hard! – deal with my humor

Though this has nothing to do with the paranormal it most certainly is a What The? moment. Apparently a woman woke up to an intruder in her bed, luckily her brother came to her aid.

Fortunately the perpetrator now has a sound track to listen to as he runs from the law…

If you found this post to be pointless, it’s ok, so did I, but I was hysterical and just had to share.


About Robyn
My name is Robyn, I am a mother, a photographer, a musician a graphic designer,a skeptical paranormal enthusiast and a Toy Collector. Notice that nowhere in the description of who I am did you see "writer" I am not a writer. I have poor grammar, terrible punctuation and a weak command of the English language. What you will read from me will be very similar to the way I speak, I have terrible ADD, so good luck with these blogs.

3 Responses to This just made me laugh so hard! – deal with my humor

  1. Rachel says:

    That guy is great! He is not only a good brother, but now he famous yo!

  2. Robyn McKinney says:

    what amazes me about this is how great the song is.

  3. Jason Korbus says:

    I cant fucking stop listening to this song.

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