Van Sant Bridge – Solebury Township, PA (Crybaby Bridge)

I must have been no older than 15 when I visited “Crybaby Bridge” for the first time, The legend goes like this:

::A young unwed mother gave birth to a child, and since it was such a disgrace to have a baby without a husband, she threw her crying newborn over the edge of this covered bridge and it plummeted to it’s death, she then hung herself from the inside of this covered bridge. If you park in the center of the bridge you can hear the baby crying, and sometimes hear the sound of the poor woman’s feet scraping across the top of your roof::

Lets take a look at Van Sant Bridge together.

As you can see, there is not a very steep drop off the side of the bridge, though I am sure if you threw a baby off the side you could do some serious damage to the baby. (I would be crying too). Its a small bridge and what you can not see in this photograph is that it is surrounded by houses, beautiful, upscale suburban homes. In fact when I visited again as an adult one of the home owners came outside and told me they love to “screw” with the people who show up here because there is absolutely nothing haunted about it. Now I will give you my experience as a teen and my experience as an adult.


Myself and about 5 others drove through insane (spooky) back roads and through suburban neighborhoods before the time of GPS by the way, and finally happened upon “Crybaby” bridge. we did just as we were told to do, we drove up, parked right in the center and turned the car off. We listened for the sounds of a crying baby, and sure enough we heard something that sounded EXACTLY LIKE A BABY! we all freaked out screaming, the driver turned on the car as quick as could be and we zoomed away. That was literally our experience. Fun, right?


Myself and two other “investigators” (note: I’m older and I am now called an Investigator) show up at the bridge. We used our GPS to navigate through suburbia, the drive was a lot less spooky this time around. We arrived and took out our “equipment” and began investigating the location. This is when the Solebury Township Police showed up to ask us what we were doing, and when we told them they basically laughed in our adult faces, needless to say they left us alone and we continued with what we were doing. We each took a recorder and we placed them on the ledges on either side of the entrance to the bridge, we sat and waited…. nothing happened. Well not exactly nothing, remember as I mentioned earlier one of the owners of the surrounding homes came down to talk to us about how frustrating it was that all these people kept disturbing the neighborhood over this “nonsense”. He also informed us that there were vandals that put graffiti all over this historical bridge (that always makes me cringe), but said he has lived there for over 30 years and absolutely nothing has ever been seen, except the wildlife, like little families of red fox……


At that very moment a little bell went off in my constantly racing ADD brain, could it be these fox making the sound of a crying baby? It didn’t take much time to figure out that female red fox when fighting sound exactly like a baby crying..  in my adult eyes and in the words of Scooby and the gang, Mystery solved.

I don’t think Van Sant Bridge in Solebury Township is haunted by the ghost of a poor lonely (easy) girl who killed herself and her baby, I think it is a nice historical place that you can listen to little red fox fight.


About Robyn
My name is Robyn, I am a mother, a photographer, a musician a graphic designer,a skeptical paranormal enthusiast and a Toy Collector. Notice that nowhere in the description of who I am did you see "writer" I am not a writer. I have poor grammar, terrible punctuation and a weak command of the English language. What you will read from me will be very similar to the way I speak, I have terrible ADD, so good luck with these blogs.

2 Responses to Van Sant Bridge – Solebury Township, PA (Crybaby Bridge)

  1. Jason Korbus says:

    YES. WELL DONE. Though I always thought red foxes sounded more like this:

  2. skepticalrobyn says:

    OMG i just peed a little.

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