Bird Vs. Octopus

Well I told you about Paul the psychic Octopus who supposedly has a 100% accurate prediction rate when it comes to picking winners in the world cup series. It appears this cephalopod has a nemesis.

Mani is a bird that resides in Singapore, but what kind of bird you ask? Mani happens to be a parakeet. HAHA get it, a PARAkeet…ok maybe its not as funny as I thought. Anyway according to local media in Singapore, Mani had predicted all four games in the World Cup quarter finals correctly. News spread quickly through the streets of Singapore’s Little India District, and many showed up to watch the bird pick the card that bared the Netherlands national colors. I wouldn’t be surprised if many placed bets according to the parakeets pick, unfortunately it would be the time this psychic bird was wrong (who would have ever guessed that?). Turns out Spain beat Netherlands 1-0.

On the other hand someone did predict Spain would be the winner of the World Cup, and that was Paul. That is correct, Paul the psychic octopus, pulled through with a win. It just goes to show people aves are not match for cephalopods.

Still I do not think we needed to have “psychic” animals to predict winners for the World Cup, we probably could have done just as well flipping a coin.



About Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic
Bobby Nelson is a skeptic, writer, and co-host of Strange Frequencies Radio. His personal blog can be found online at At one time, Bobby was what could be called a "true believer" in paranormal phenomenon. Having been an active investigator of the paranormal for 12 years with several different Toledo based teams, he has examined countless claims of activity. But years worth of research and investigation proved to him that the evidence for these claims are generally lacking and, furthermore, the vast majority of so-called scientific paranormal investigators were using improper methodologies which caused them to draw both false and misleading conclusions.

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