The Flashlight Experiment

Most people who have watched the television show “Ghost Hunters” on SyFy will probably recognize what has commonly been referred to as the “Flashlight experiment” in the paranormal community.  Recently featured in the second season finale of  Ghost Hunters Academy (also on SyFy), the “experiment” has been getting a fair amount of publicity.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, please allow me to describe the scenario.  Typically, several ghost hunters will sit in a darkened room around a flashlight which is normally set on the floor or on a flat surface of some kind, and attempt spirit communication by asking any ghosts present to turn the light on and off.  Oftentimes direct questions will be asked.  The light turning on or off, seemingly on its own, is then considered to be an answer from beyond.*

Having seen this on television, in person at various “haunted hotspots,” and in talking about it’s use with friends of mine, it has become clear that a fair number of people believe it is an effective method of talking with ghosts.  I am hoping this article today will help provide a very clear non-paranormal explanation.

First, there is the use of the flashlight itself.  A friend recently asked me point blank how I would explain the effect.  I replied that it is really quite simple:  people are using a flashlight incorrectly.  You see, before the “flashlight experiment” can be carried out during a paranormal investigation, the flashlight must first be slightly tampered with.  In fact, what investigators do, depending on their particular model, is either push the switch or twist the cap precariously between the on and off position, thus making the instrument that much more delicate.  At this position, little if any interference from a person or the environment is required to cause the light to turn all the way on, off, or flicker.

A flashlight contains many parts that come together to make the instrument work.  Among these parts are contact strips, the switch itself, and the lamp.  Batteries, of course, are also essential to the use of most models.  According to, “when a flashlight switch is pushed to the ON position, it makes contact between two contact strips, which begins a flow of electricity, powered from the battery.”  Activated by the flow of electrons, the filament, or LED, in the tiny lightbulb (lamp) begins to glow, producing light.  Disrupting the flow of this electricity, which is exactly what happens when you place the flashlight between the ON/OFF positions, creates an open circuit and, as a direct result, it doesn’t work right.*

But what, you may ask, about the responses ghost hunters seem to get from ghosts in regards to their questions?  Now that we know the flashlight is being used improperly, and is malfunctioning as a result, these alleged responses become suspect.  Furthermore, how can we actually know a ghost is communicating?  Using this same method, I’ve made it appear I am having a conversation via flashlight with anything from an invisible purple dinosaur to a flying spaghetti monster.  Even my dirty gym socks joined the party from miles away once.  “If my gym socks are present here, please turn the light on.”  The light turned on.  “You are?  Wow.  Here I was just looking for ghosts!”

One of the major problems with this method is how unscientific it is used in conjunction with a ghost hunt.  Paranormal researchers are taking the flashlight only to locations they believe may be haunted and are using the flickering light to prove their case!  Why aren’t they testing the validity of the method in locations they don’t believe to be haunted; a gas station bathroom, next to the litter box in your friend’s basement, your own house?  If the “flashlight experiment” is attempted in a non-haunted setting and behaves in a similar fashion, why would you believe it would be any different in a place you think is crawling with ghosts?

Another problem ghost hunters have when using this method is they set the situation up for success before they begin by giving the alleged ghost the simplest of tasks to perform.  That isn’t scientific at all.  For instance, when the light is off, the ghost is asked to turn the light on.  Well, that’s the only option there is!  So then, when the light eventually flickers and turns on, it’s considered a positive case of ghost communication.  That’s absurd.  Ask this so-called ghost to tap out a sentence in Morse Code.  Ask it to turn on at a particular letter of the alphabet.  Ask it questions to see if it can give you information you don’t already have.  The point is, if you ask for only simple results, you’re likely to get them.  And that proves nothing other than your own lack of creativity.

In conclusion, the “flashlight trick” as used by TAPS affiliated ghost hunting groups on television, and in amateur squads around the country, is a severely flawed method for obtaining scientific validation of ghost communication.  It can be explained easily by non-paranormal means as simple manipulation of the flashlight itself and an all too eager community of believers.*

However, if you have doubts about whether or not the flashlight is being used improperly during this phase of a ghost investigation, I will pose you a challenge:  Find me a reputable set of Maglite flashlight instruction which say something along the lines of, “For best use, place between an ON/OFF position and attempt to talk with ghosts.”  Only then will I concede your point.  Until then, perhaps it would be wise to abandon this ghost hunting technique as yet another in a long line of failures to communicate.

Thanks for reading.



About Jason Korbus
Friend, family member, possible werewolf. I co-host Strange Frequencies Radio, blog at Confidential Korbus, and generally walk among the weird. When I'm not doing busywork, I can usually be found with my nose in a book, my eyes glued to a glowing screen, or my ears tuned to The Ramones.

41 Responses to The Flashlight Experiment

  1. Bobby Nelson says:

    Another thing I have personally seen, is a ghost hunter just leaving it on and when it starts to flicker without asking questions it means the ghost is present. They look for every and any excuse to validate their claims, most have no idea how to find rational reasoning.

    • paramama says:

      Actually this story is not true, and your comment isnt either. Firstly those shows are edited and you do not see all of the interaction. Second I am a Paranormal investigator and find this article and your comment offensive. I am so tired of those who know nothing of this field to assume by looking at a t.v show they know it all. As for asking mundane generic questions we do not do that. Actually just last night we used the flashlight in a location my group has been to well over 50 times and I did do the alphabet experiment, with great success. Also my group forbids the use of L.E.D lights and only use a mag light that we do not loosen in anyway at all we simply leave it off and ask it to turn it off after each question. We take in to account any other activity in room also. For instance the place we were at last night had enormous activity that was felt as soon as we entered a certain room. The air only in this room was so thick and heavy I could not breathe. Also that is the first time I have ever experienced that and it was startling for me and profound.You must understand that we discount more evidence then we ever use.and We only use the light to determine activity for our own benefit, never as evidence, we mostly use audio, and again discount more then we keep, we usually only keep class A evps such and have great success with getting them. We use very little video because we are much more interested in the audio side of it, communication is paramount for us. I do not want to catch photos of spirits or “black masses” I have seen them first hand and know they exist.I want to know much more about them, where they are, why they are where they are and what happens to keep them here.Please do not discount what you have little knowledge of its a great field and yes, there are those who do not know what they are doing but others like us do. Anyone can pick up a camera and film, but you must have the knowledge and ability to back it up.I love this field, and practice what I do with passion and integrity and this article offends me as your comment.The author knows nothing of what he speaks, it is a mysterious and open field and I would love to take you where I go and see you shiver in a corner when you experience what I have. Please be informed when you comment please…Btw check out evidence from my own house on my website listed here Debbies House 1 and 2 section..part 2 I find very good….

      • Jason Korbus says:


        Perhaps you missed the part in the article when I wrote, “Having seen this on television, in person at various “haunted hotspots,” and in talking about its use with friends of mine, it has become clear that a fair number of people believe it is an effective method of talking with ghosts.” So, no, I don’t just watch tv and assume I know it all like you presumed. In fact, I find that highly ironic and hilarious because there’s nothing in this comment you left I haven’t seen on television. Ghost Hunters popularized the “flashlight test” and you likely aped it after seeing it on tv. Monkey see, monkey do. So, please, spare me your lecture.

        The fact is I have been researching and investigating the paranormal for many years, going back to childhood. I’ve investigated homes and locations across my state, and have been to many of the “Most haunted places in America.” I also host a weekly internet radio show about the paranormal and interview many of the biggest names in “the field.” We also interview ACTUAL SCIENTISTS who think the paranormal is nonsense and that your techniques are stupid and unscientific. But whatever, who cares about credentials? I’ll just say I’ve investigated many more places than my own house, k?

        You obviously skimmed the article, found it didn’t agree with your worldview, and are offended. But I have pointed out what you missed that would have invalidated pretty much your entire argument. So, in conclusion, if your low reading comprehension is anywhere near what your investigative skills are, I have no worries you’ll be failing to communicate with ghosts for many more years to come.

        Best wishes,


      • Nichole says:

        I’ve never tried the flashlight test, but am kind of interested in giving it a go. Never really thought of it before. I’ve only had chance communications with the ghosts in my house. I think it would be awesome if I could actually hold a conversation of some kind with at least one of them, other than the usual “Please don’t lay so close to me” when they try and lay next to me in bed. Yeah, we have a pervert here, haha. And usually when I tell him to go away, he’ll go next to my mom’s room and try to run his finger up and down her back! Ugh. I don’t mind them being here, but the fact that they feel the need to get in bed with us is just kinda creepy! The only ghost I’ve had a LOT of contact with is the little ghost kitty that’s in our house. But I kinda like that; it’s cool to feel him doing that kneading thing that cats do, on my feet and then I can hear/feel it purr and then feel it walking up the back of my legs and then curl up on my back!
        I can’t wait to get a maglite and try to hold a “yes/no” conversation with them! 🙂

      • Jason why so defensive? Why do you only interview “ACTUAL SCIENTISTS” who AGREE with your point of view? I bet I can find Scientists who Know for a FACT man has NOT been to the moon. If I agreed with that would it validate MY view as correct? NO. What if a “Ghost” never learned Morse Code? Or never learned the English alphabet? Would an Asian from say 1888 know his ABC’s? NO.

        Now do I think the flashlight test is real? Not sure however these “Ghost Hunter” shows are not going to convince me that it’s not someone remote controlling the flashlight. Though I believe in the “Paranormal” I believe that there is nothing abnormal going on. How does something invisible cast a shadow? How is sound generated without an obvious source. If these are real what can they do now that they could not when they was alive & how does that work? There is some SERIOUS Science going on here & belief in it or not in it is irrelevant.

        Something I would test is using different types of flashlights. From the Cheap slider D cells to the big battery push button & the LCD type. Now testing it in a place you know nothing will happen proves what? If I lay the flashlights down in a Gas station bathroom & ask a question the Lights stay OFF you prove what exactly?

        The flashlight test is only good for yes or no questions. Asking something to tap out in Morse Code something you can’t verify proves NOTHING. Only answers you KNOW can be verified. you want Rocket Science form something that may only have a 6th grade education & because it is not telling you things about Quantum Physics it MUST be fake? Get real. If you have something that died in 1861 it is NOT going to have a clue about ANYTHING modern era.

      • Jason Korbus says:


        We do not just interview scientists who agree with our point of view. Most people we interview disagree with us actually, but it is true that most of the scientists seem to agree; though we may quibble here and there. Have you heard the show?

        My point with this article is that ghost hunters use the flashlight experiment to set themselves up for success. They aren’t being scientific. If they were, their experiments would try to disprove their hypothesis, not confirm it. They ask yes/no questions and then, when the flashlight finally turns on, they consider it a hit. But what are they doing for a control in an attempt to falsify their hypothesis? Nothing.

        I hope that answers the majority of your questions.

      • setmefree says:

        wow the writer of this article is ignorant. What a way to keep your cool and respond with class. If you cant talk normally and discuss with class then dont be a writer and host. Now if youre talking about the mini mag, then yes its been debunked to a certain extent. If you are keeping the power off and not twisting it between on and off and its coming on, then you’re fine. The writer should’ve read that and should know that the flashlight has to be warm and on in order for this to work.

        It doesnt matter if scientists and ghost groups dont agree since no one has proved that ghosts exist, or if they dont. So until they can prove it, NO ONE CARES

  2. Michele says:

    I personally haven’t tried this technique, nor have seen anyone try this technique. I have always “assumed” that with the flashlite, the electrical connection is always there when it is turned on. lol With the small distance that is between the battery and the contact strips, how could the attraction not be there to “turn the light on”?

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Oooo…cool night vision videos!

    All joshin’ aside, nicely articulated way of saying ‘hey, this method is full of crap!’. I have 2 small flashlights that I used to use when I did investigations. Now I just turn off all the lights in my house and walk around with them and play ‘see how long it takes the neighbors to call the police.’ They both are old, been dropped a lot, and have weak contacts. Result? Flickering. One of them is predictable and I could fake spirit communication until the cows come home (or the cops show up).

  4. al schmidt says:

    That really wasn’t a very scientific explaination as to why and how it happens. I am about as sceptical as they come, but I did witness it last night, not with one but two maglights, flickering, very dimly to very bright, and turning off. I would really like to hear a scientific if not an electrical engineers perspective, not just you conjecture. I have been trying to reason it out all night and I cannot come up with a logical, scientific reason for the flashlights to act as they did, but I will persue this with engineers where I work. At this point, I cannot either prove or disprove the actions I saw or explain them. One of the flashlights was mine, and I have not had it happen to it since last night, despite hours of attempts.

    • Rachel Wolf says:

      Hey Al, thanks for the comment. I’m sure you won’t find a scientific experiment that addresses this issue,simply because there isn’t anyone in the field who wants to do a scientific experiment of any kind (I could be wrong, there may be). I think it’s really cool that you are going to talk to some engineers, I hope you report back with what you find out because I’d be interested. I don’t know about Jason, but I myself never claim to be 100% right about anything, I just like to put alternative perspective out there. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with conjecture, as long as you aren’t claiming to be the be-all-end-all of information on the topic.

      • Rachel here is the problem. I don’t believe in elephants. To prove this I will step outside my apartment & when I don’t see one in the parking lot then that alone PROVES there is no such thing as Elephants. This is how Skeptics think. Unless your willing to go to a Zoo you will continue with the irrational belief Elephants are a myth. Many like you self believe they don’t need to waste their time going to a zoo because they know they are right & no one can prove different even IF they was to bring an Elephant into the parking lot a week later.

        Jason starts with a healthy dose of skepticism I admit I’m skeptical of this Flashlight test myself as I can think of several ways to rig it. Then he starts using a skeptic’s flawed logic & rirrational opinions to validate his disbelief. Not everyone is an expert in Morse code how would someone prior to 1912 even KNOW something that was not invented yet?

      • Jason Korbus says:


        I also want to say that I agree with you that there are many ways for the flashlight experiment to be rigged. But I’ve also seen it live and in-person enough to know it works similarly to how it is shown on television. However, the editing of television makes it appear that the results come much quicker and easier than they really do. You can see more of a real-time approach on Youtube from a variety of local amateur groups. You can also see how they validate any flicker of the light as evidence of ghost communication.

      • AMerlin says:

        Just stop Sheep. Baaaad Sheep. I realize I’m commenting on an old thread but I find your poor grasp of logic and nearly no grasp of the scientific method disturbing. Here is a better metaphor for you to ponder…
        SheepODoom excitedly announces there is an elephant wandering around her parking lot. The other sheep rush outside to see it but find nothing. The search is expanded to the nearby area in case the elephant has wandered away. No elephant and no elephant tracks are found. Everyone believes that SheepODoom is full of sheep dip.
        Now SheepODoom insists she did see an elephant and that elephant is still here!
        It’s just invisible, trapped in an out-of-phase dimension.
        She has the flickering flashlight and EVPs to prove it!
        That vibration you feel is the elephant, not the semi truck passing by!
        She’s heard the ghost girl in the attic weeping for the lost elephant (up where the pigeons are nesting)…
        The point is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof – or at least credible proof that has no other more likely explanation. Also, a conscientious, exhaustive search that finds nothing provides reasonable cause to conclude that the elephant was not there, at least until incontrovertible proof is provided (ta-dah, here is the elephant).
        Perhaps the best evidence that these traveling ghost-investigators have no believable evidence is this… If I found a supernatural hot-spot I would be camped out there day-after-day, week-after-week as much as possible documenting the incredible (or should I say credible) evidence. Instead, the investigators are content to move on the the next ‘most-haunted’ location next episode.

      • AMerlin says:

        If SheepODoom claimed to have God trapped in a mason jar under her back porch, I indeed would not need to waste my time crawling under her porch to determine whether this is true.
        I would reasonably assume she is lying, or that she caught a fire-fly and doesn’t know the difference, or wants to fatuously argue that God is everywhere including in her mason jar.
        I would consider it far-fetched that God needs to be rescued from the evil SheepODoom.

    • Jason Korbus says:

      Hey Al. I think it’s a great idea for you to check further into this. Certainly, I am not a scientist or an engineer, and if those are the only opinions you are looking for, you read the wrong article. I do, however, think my point was logical and appreciate you reading what I had to say.

      Still, it is the hallmark of skepticism, I think, to not simply take someone’s word for something, but to look into it further for oneself, and even consulting experts, before drawing conclusions. I must ask, however:

      1) Before you started ghost hunting, did you consult any physicists to help you form any opinions on whether or not ghosts even exist or not? If so, what did you find out? If not, why not?

      2) Had you come across my article today and it said that the flashlight experiment was a valid method of spirit communication (or at least paranormal communication), would you have still felt I offered up nothing more than conjecture and very unscientific explanations?

      I ask these questions only to better understand where you are coming from, and in an effort to perhaps write something that may please you more next time. Simply put, how can I do better?

      Thanks again for your feedback. Have yourself a wonderful week.

      PS: Oh, by the way, if you have any video of that incident that you described, I’d love to take a look. Open minded skeptic that I am, I’m always looking for something that challenges my beliefs. If not, film it next time. We’d be happy to post it here for review.

      • !.) Why would I need to consult with a physicist about an unknown realm of science? And if his opinion is I don’t believe in Ghosts therefore they are not real then what? Go with that? Lets say I find a physicist who says Faster than light travel is impossible should we simply stop trying to discover unknown things because someone’s opinion says not to? Dude that is NOT Science.

        2.) you offer NOTHING BUT conjecture and very unscientific explanations So because I can write a fake copy of the US Constitution this by your logic proves ALL copies are forgeries?

      • Jason Korbus says:


        1) The use of a flashlight to communicate with ghosts is not an “unknown realm of science.” It is not a science at all. Physics, however, is. My point to the previous commenter was that, if he wished to hear the opinion of an engineer or a scientist, he should contact one.

        2) Could you please explain how my logic would indicate anything like that? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Now two flashlights…thats better 🙂

      Electricity is magnetic and with that comes attraction so with one light, I cannot take that seriously. Now you have made this a better discussion. I would like to hear about the “NON” facts of the flashlight test with your experiment.

      And before I let off, “ITS ALL EXPERIMENTAL!”
      M MIkka Hewitt
      DRP Spirit Photographer/Investigator

  5. Nicole says:

    This is stupid.

  6. Chris Jensen Romer says:

    I have never seen “the flashlight experiment”, but er, quite! Great piece 🙂

    cj x

  7. Janelle says:

    I tried the flashlight test in conjunction with my K2 meter. The flashlight goes on when asked, but if the K2 does in fact pick up electromagnetic energy that ghost supposedly generate or consist of, it did not go off. So in conclusion, I’m assuming that the flashlight test is bull crap. If the ghost had enough energy to make the connection to turn the flashlight on or off, then theoretically the K2 would have picked that up. I’m disappointed that such “reputable” investigation teams are using this flashlight test as a means to convince people none the wiser that this is in fact paranormal activity. BOOOOOO .

    • PJ says:

      Do me babe

      • Jason Korbus says:

        @Janelle You can at least conclude that ghosts, if they are even real, don’t give off EM. Maybe it was an invisible leprechaun that turned the flashlight on! Haha jk.

        @PJ Have you made a love connection?

  8. PJ says:

    T.A.P.S. sucks… thats all i have to say. i dont wana waste my breath talking about how gay they really are. I’ll stick to Ghost Adventures. Now those guys are bad ass.

  9. Rhonda Hayes says:

    I have to say i have pesonally experienced using flashlights in locations where i heard things have been heard. I brought 3 flashlights 2 were different colors and when asking that the spirit turn on the red light…the red light came on…when asked to turn on the blue…the blue one came on….then we had all 3 come on…we then asked the light to come on when we got to the first letter of their name then the 2nd letter and so on we ended up with a name of Gloria Hakins which our historical society is helping us in trying to see if that was a person who existed in the 1900s. so i have to say i truly believe and am hoping to get a good video real soon to put on you tube.

    • t says:

      Our group uses flashlight communication quite frequently. We began using two flashlights at an investigation site where we were getting strong, rapid responses to questions.
      So: 2 flashlights were set up across the room from the investigators. All the investigators were at least four feet from the instruments. The flashlights were pointing toward us, and they were approximately four feet from each other. One flashlight was turned on and the other was turned off. I asked, “Can you turn on the flashlight that is off, and turn off the flashlight that is turned on?” Both flashlights did what was asked, simultaneously and within three seconds of me posing the question.

      The colored flashlights is an experiment I intend to try next. That is an excellent idea, Rhonda.

  10. Lauren says:

    I just attended a ghost hunting event at Ft Mifflin outside Philadelphia. My husband and I were with Amy Bruni in casemate 11 and did the flashlight experiment. We used 3 flashlights – black, blue and purple. Black was yes, purple was no, and blue was maybe or don’t know. After each question we asked whoever was there to turn off the flashlights. Almost every time, whatever was there complied. I really wish that we would have had a camera with night vision down there to capture what happened. We’re just starting out with this stuff, so we don’t have much in the way of equipment. I know that it might look sketchy on TV, but you have to remember that the production company has to edit about 18 hours of footage down to an hour or half hour show to make it entertaining. I’m listening to our voice recordings from that night (about 5 hours worth) and I have to tell you, ghost hunting is really freaking boring most of the time. Even when you’re getting results (i.e. flashlight experiment), it might take you a few minutes to think of questions to ask.

  11. Marc Shakter says:

    Personally I sort of believe in ghosts due to one incident in my past I can’t scientifically explain. HOWEVER, just watching Ghost Hunters and other shows like it frustrate me to no end. Anyone who has taken high school science should be smart enough to know their methods aren’t scientific at all. You can even rig one of these flashlights with microelectronics to remote control it if you wanted to. Everything they do from their live shows to their regular investigations, they NEVER catch anything on camera that can’t be explained. They go to foreign countries and assume all ghosts speak their language, what is death a universal translator? Come on.
    If they exist, I wish it could be scientifically proven. Till then it’s all snake oil salesmen.

    • Jason Korbus says:

      Absolutely right, Marc. And hey, If you ever feel like sharing your experience that made you believe, my inbox is always open. Thanks for the comment!

  12. Jason you are an idiot! You are the type of person i would love to investigate with. Im sure your manly talk on the web would be alot less manly if you did what i did, seen what ive seen. Do us a favor, shut the hell up! Your talking out of your ass and speaking everything but the truth. You seem like a shallow human being. Who are you to say that ghosts dont exist!!? if you believe in god then you believe in ghosts!! I dont care who you talk to, i dont care what type of scientist you talk to on your lame ass radio talk show. Screw them, btw paranormal investigators know that everything we do is expiremental!! we are trying to prove that they do exist!! which some known investigators have found proof! so stfu and stop talking like your GOD

    • Jason Korbus says:

      Experiments don’t work by “trying to prove that they do exist.” Remember, you have to reject the null hypothesis first. I thought someone who pretends to be as smart as you might know that. Just kidding… I know you’re not smart…

      Anyway, I don’t believe in God, and from all my years spent studying the history of the paranormal and investigating, I’ve yet to come across any proof of ghosts. Maybe you can fill me in since you know all the “known investigators” who have.

      Let me know if/when you make it out of Texas and closer to my neck of the woods. I’d be happy to investigate with you and see how well you back up all your manly talk.

      Have a good night, sweetie. Make sure mommy tucks you in.

  13. Victoria says:

    My boyfriend and I use the flashlight to communicate with his son who passed away at the age of 2. We set it up as described and my boyfriend will start talking to his son. We have done it a few times and gotten mixed results. One night, the light came on 3 times. Another night it didnt come on at all. My boyfriend set up a flashlight in the bathroom (which is connected to his bedroom) and has left it there for weeks. I woke up in the middle of the night last night to the light flickering on and off. I watched it flicker for a good 5 minutes. I woke up my boyfriend to see it and it flickered a few more times and stopped completely. We have no animals that could have been bumping the flashlight. My boyfriend also said that he hasn’t seen it come on since he placed it there.

  14. faded says:

    Think of it this way, we are all explorers of the “other” side, why is it the questions being asked are rather plain, kinda boring, a little staged etc, all except the most obvious explorative and investigative questions. We would ALL like to know who they are initially, what`s it like on the other side, tell me about the past, is Elvis there ? etc. I`m sure we can ALL agree on that, but we don`t see it on all these Ghost shows.

  15. Cath says:

    Ghost investigaters should be charged with scanning vulnerable people. There no different then business crooks and every day crooks.

  16. ryan says:

    Wonderfull performances for the for morons, who truly think this method works! I am Atheist and one of my friends had some idiots from some idiot para unity crap come , into her home and pulled that bs. Which they called her house a gig!

    First off let me say this basic science can explain this method it does not work its a hoax. Second off have you actually see these morons wrap , these flashlights up in paper towles?

    Second , there is nothing paranormal about it , playing follow the monkey! In case you nuts think I am into the paranormal. No;I am not! I do not take idiots ,who talk to animent objects too seriously! What I can make my car lights do the same thing, when some one ticks me off on the road!

    3rd , These people who sit around talking to random hardware have to much time on their hands! They either have a lot of mental problems or they are mind controlled from what they see on T.V. Do people really fall for this BS? Yes they do because idiot amitures have to fake out when going into peoples homes! This article makes more since , than seeing some idiots or state rep crap pulling some bs . Now don’t quit your night job your talking flash light has all the “answers”.

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